The Phillips Law Offices Offers Reliable, Personal Bankruptcy Services

Serving Greenbelt and the surrounding areas reliably for 12 years, The Phillips Law Offices has a keen understanding of the stress of dealing with debt, and the advantages that bankruptcy may offer those in dire financial straits. The skilled bankruptcy firm offers personal and dependable service, walking their clients through each step of the bankruptcy process.

The Phillips Law Offices deals in various aspects of bankruptcy law, including:

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 11
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Consumer Debt Relief
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Adversary Proceedings

Providing their clients with personal and detailed legal assistance, the legal team at The Phillips Law Offices helps to ensure that their clients protect and secure their assets and to prevent harassment from creditors. Clients have the opportunity to start over, confident that their legal team helped them to achieve the best possible outcome in the situation.

The attorneys at The Phillips Law Offices strive to build a personal relationship with each client and endeavor to ensure that their clients are confident and comfortable addressing their financial state. Serving hundreds of clients through hundreds of cases every year, the team has the knowledge and understanding necessary to come to their client’s aid through personal and compassionate service regardless of their specific situation.

Representing clients for 12 years, The Phillips Law Offices has a track record of reliable and personal bankruptcy service. The firm brings their experience and specialized expertise to bear for each client individually, looking at each case objectively, before providing possible solutions based on the specific of the case. The law firm understands that bankruptcy is a sound solution for a client’s debt problems and not an end to a way of life. As seasoned attorneys, The Phillips Law Offices know the ins and outs of the bankruptcy laws and can recommend the best legal avenue to pursue.

The Phillips Law Offices recognizes that clients are able to make better, smarter decisions when they are aware of all of their options and the implications of each choice. With experience and expertise on their side, clients can move forward in confidence knowing that their attorneys will skillfully represent their interests in every situation.

“Phillips Law Offices can be the legal partner that will help you get through bankruptcy. For 12 years, our consumer and corporate bankruptcy services has helped individuals and business owners…start fresh with their finances.”

To contact The Phillips Law Offices, call (301) 494-4250, or visit their website.

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