Many individuals and businesses have experienced unprecedented financial stress since the advent of the COVID-19 era. Although the economy has fully reopened, millions of Americans are still out of jobs, further worsening the fragile economic situation in the country.

If you or your business have been affected by the pandemic and, as a result you’re unable to repay your debt, there are a lot of legal options you explore for a quick debt relief. The Phillips Law Offices is proud to offer consumer debt relief services to clients in Maryland and its surrounding areas.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re struggling with a large swath of personal debts such as credit card debt, student loan, payday loans or mortgages, the credit counselling organization can help you get rid of the unnecessary burden of debt so that you can focus on starting your life afresh.

What Types Of Debt Relief Services Can You Get In Maryland?

Student Loan Debt Relief Tax Credit

This program is designed to help Maryland taxpayers who have incurred a set amount of debt from undergraduate or graduate student loans. To apply for this program, you need to complete an application and send your student loan information, including lender documents, college transcripts and Maryland Income Tax forms. Once your application is approved, you can pay off your college loan debt with the credit within two years.

Consumer Credit Counselling

Debts can accumulate over time and create a huge financial strain on you or your business. The Phillips Law Offices boasts of a dedicated team of credit counsellors who are trained professionals that can help simplify your debt repayment process. They often offer Debt Management Plans (DMPs) that consolidate both unsecured debt and credit payments into one monthly payment. This program can help you lower your monthly payments while reducing interest rates on your loans.

How Does Consumer Debt Relief Work?

Debt relief process at The Phillips Law Offices begins with a free consultation which helps the professionals to determine your specific needs. Once you’ve identified a program that works best for you, the professionals how the program works, and walk you through the process of completing your application in a painless manner.

Ready to start living a debt-free life? Get in touch with The Phillips Law Offices via their  official website or call 301 494-4250.

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