How to Deal with Your Debt During A Government Shutdown?

So you work for the Federal Government.  You were banking on your salary and the government would take care of you, while you were serving your country.  You may be making $80,000 a year, rather than working for the private sector where you could have made twice that.  You thought it would be better to take your talents and serve your country, and your country would take care of you.  You could afford your house, credit card payments, car payments, and will not have any issue.  At least that is what you thought.  Now, the higher ups in the Government, who have millions in their bank accounts have decided to shut it all down to further their agenda.  The problem is now millions of regular people who work for the Government are not getting paid for weeks.  And directly from the President, the Government may be shut down for months. Meanwhile, you are not getting paid and the bills are failing behind. 

The good news is that the salaries will eventually come back, but until then you may be at stake for significantly decreased credit rating and possible arrears of your mortgage, possibly even facing eviction or repossession.  If you are already behind, you may not be able to start making payments until March or April. 

You need a plan to deal with the unknown certainly of your job and what your financial future will look like.  You should seek out advice on how to deal with each debt you face and determine your plan so that you can keep what you want to keep, such as your home, car and etc. and deal with the items and creditors that will want to take those things away from you.  After all creditors, are not employees with the Government and are not going to forgive your debt.  Creditors have a business to run and just like you need to be paid. 

You may not have control of your wages but you do have control to make a plan to deal with your debt to ensure you protect what you need.  It is never a bad idea to speak to a consumer debt lawyer who can advise you on what options you have and help you make some of those difficult decisions.

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