Greenbelt, MD is an Outdoor Enthusiast City

Interactive Outdoor Activities in Greenbelt, MD

Since Greenbelt boasts the most expansive open spaces, outdoor fun comes in many alternatives. In fact, if one thing were to define the city at best, it would be the existence of vast outdoor spaces, which are still fun-filled, charming and gratifying. When you are an outdoor enthusiast, below are some of the joyous and fantastic activities you can choose to pursue. Greenbelt, Maryland information can be seen at this link.


When it comes to hiking, the many parks in Greenbelt are the go-to spaces. Some of them like Buddy Attick Park is famous with its well-defined trails where you can stretch as you enjoy the scenic environment around. What makes Buddy Attick Park an excellent hiking spot is a lake within, from where people enjoy a fresh and cool breeze as they take a walk? The best of them all is the Greenbelt Dog Park, known for its welcoming tendency to dogs and people alike. Discover facts about Greenbelt, MD is an Entertainment Hub.

Bike Riding

Baltimore-Washington Parkway is the destination for riding bikes. Along this, historic trail and highway are many fun things to see including the NASA Visitor Center, Greenbelt Museum and the Patuxent Wildlife center. During your rides, alone or with a group of friends, you can always stop by these places to enjoy every fantastic thing the city offers. 

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