Greenbelt, MD is a Museum Lovers City

Unique Museums in Greenbelt, MD

When it comes to museums, we must all agree that not everyone finds them fun. At best, they are reserves for kids and a few groups of people who cannot help but peep into one when they visit any city. If you are this kind of person who loves museums or you have kids you want to treat with museum fun, Greenbelt is the place to be. Below are some of the museums to visit when you come to town. More about Greenbelt, Maryland can be seen here.

Greenbelt Museum

The Greenbelt Museum, which provides a Historic House depicting an original New Deal home with all the furnishings of the authentic planned community of Greenbelt, which was part of a planned community in the 1930s. Today it offers tours of the home with period-correct furniture depicting life during the Great Depression. Click here to read about Greenbelt, MD is a Leafy City.

College Park Aviation Museum

The College Park Aviation Museum is located on the grounds of the world’s oldest continuously operating airport in College Park. Visitors to the museum step into an open 1.5 story exhibit space, which highlights the display of unique aircraft and tells the story of flight from the Wright Brothers to today.  Changing exhibits and new programs every month keep visitors coming back to this fascinating place.

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