Greenbelt, MD is a Leafy City

Charming Parks in Greenbelt, MD

If you want to visit one of the greenest and most relaxed cities in the United States, Greenbelt awaits. Green and leafy, lush and ambient, this city offers the best of open spaces and parks that will fill you with wow. Notably, the town features many parks, some of which include the following;  Information can be found here.

Greenbelt Park

A heavily forested area located 12 miles from Washington D.C., Greenbelt Park features 174 campground sites that include shower and bathroom facilities. The park provides nine miles of hiking trails, three picnic areas and a children’s playground. See here for information about Greenbelt, MD is an Artistic City.

Buddy Attick Park

Located on Maryland’s Greenbelt, Buddy Attick Park features a human-made lake and extensive walking, hiking, and bike trails. Picnicking and seasonal events like fireworks displays and Easter egg hunts are popular activities here. If you are a hiking enthusiast, this park features some of the best trails for you.

Greenbelt Dog Park

A small, grassy field with trees, Greenbelt Dog Park, provides a play area for dogs with a separate area for smaller dogs. The park is fenced and double-gated and provides tubes for dogs and benches for their owners. With this, if you love travelling with Fido, the dog, Greenbelt has a place for the two of you to enjoy. 

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