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The attorneys at The Phillips Law Offices have been helping those from Greenbelt move forward from being buried under an avalanche of debt due to various situations for over 20 years now. Situations such as unemployment, medical bills, credit card debt and other problems can be so hard on those who are suffering with it that they don’t know where to turn. If you or someone you know is experiencing this and would like to learn more about filing for bankruptcy, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free legal consultation. We can help provide the solution that is right for your situation such as a chapter 7 bankruptcy which can eradicate many of these debts in a matter of months. We have bankruptcy law attorneys licensed in Maryland state and federal courts.

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The Phillips Law Offices is located on 6301 Ivy Lane #700, Greenbelt, MD. From Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) take Service Rd Lower Level and Friendship Rd to I-195 W. Then head southeast and keep left to continue on Service Rd Lower Level. Next merge onto BWI Arrivals, and continue on Friendship Rd. Take MD-295 S to MD-201 N/Kenilworth Ave in Greenbelt and then take exit 23 from I-495 N/I-95 N. After that  take exit 2B for MD-295 S/Balt/Wash Pkwy toward Washington. At this point merge onto MD-295 S, and keep left to continue onto Baltimore-Washington Pkwy, and take the exit onto I-495 N/I-95 N. Next take exit 23 for MD-201/Kenilworth Ave toward Bladensburg/Greenbelt. After that turn right onto MD-201 N/Kenilworth Ave, and use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Ivy Ln. Finally, turn left. Turn left, and The Phillips Law Offices will be on the left.

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Greenbelt is a city that lies just north of Washington, D.C., in the state of Maryland. Greenbelt was founded during the Great Depression in order to provide housing and other services for workers, and it has changed markedly since then, but it still embodies that history. Greenbelt is also home to Greenbelt Park, part of the larger Greenbelt metropolitan park system; this park includes wetlands and forest land which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Greenbelt offers something for everyone—from young families to retirees, Greenbelt is a friendly community with an abundance of activities available. Greenbelt also has access to many large companies providing jobs for locals. The city’s unique culture and history are clearly visible throughout the city, from festivals to historic sites, a city for everyone.

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Greenbelt, Maryland – Competent Debt Relief Services

The Greenbelt bankruptcy lawyers at The Phillips Law Offices provide debt relief services in PG County Maryland to resolve any financial crisis that have gotten out of control as we are well versed in bankruptcy laws. Our law firm is well-known for its effectiveness in both the court room and the local community, having won many awards for excellence in the bankruptcy law field. Attorney Phillips, the founding partner, believes that strong communities are built on strong individuals, so we work hard every day to ensure that everyone they come into contact with is treated with dignity and respect. The Greenbelt bankruptcy attorneys specialize in credit card debt relief, consumer debts including payday loans , personal loans , tax debt , auto loan s, education financing  and medical bills .
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Chapter 7 Representation

People may file Chapter 7 bankruptcy on their own without having to hire a lawyer. However, if you are considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or have already done so it is important that you consider all of the advantages of working with an attorney licensed in Maryland for this type of case.

An experienced chapter 7 attorney can save you time and expense while ensuring that your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is handled correctly the first time around.

Chapter 13 Representation

Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy and stopping a foreclosure may seem like two different problems, but in reality they are closely related. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an important form of debt relief that can benefit homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments and would otherwise be facing foreclosure.

However, Chapter 13 is not the only available option to stop a foreclosure. In fact, Chapter 13 is one of many choices that Congress has made available for people struggling with debts or mortgages and consulting with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer may make the difference between choosing the right course of action or the wrong one.

Foreclosure Prevention

People who find themselves facing foreclosure may feel alone and out of options. However, there are several ways you can take to protect your home from losing its value or being sold at auction if the bank has fallen behind on payments for property taxes and/or mortgage interest (among other things).

If going through this process seems daunting – knowing exactly what will happen when it begins can make all the difference in making good decisions now so they don’t compound into bigger problems down road!

The Phillips Law Offices can help you decide if reorganizing your finances through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case or a loan modification with your lender makes sense for you.  

Leveraging The Automatic Stay By A Greenbelt Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are facing a court date, the bankruptcy code has a secrete weapon called the automatic stay. The automatic stay prohibits the creditor from pursuing any action against you while your bankruptcy is pending. This can be extremely useful when creditors threaten to garnish your wages, levy your bank accounts, foreclose on a house or repossess a vehicle parked in Maryland.

Debt Settlement Legal Services

Everyone has debt. However, being debt free is a great feeling. Settling debt can bring a sense of relief to the borrower who no longer wishes to be bound by debt payments. There are many benefits that come with debt settlement and hiring a Greenbelt bankruptcy attorney for debt settlement services is helpful when seeking either bankruptcy or other debt relief options.

– Debt settlement has resulted in millions being relieved from their debt loads

– The repayment amount often results in less than what you actually owe

– A legal representative helps by explaining options and creating solutions

Debt relief attorneys will coordinate the efforts between different creditors

The benefits of settling credit card debt include getting out from under massive interest rates and ridding yourself of those high monthly payments. A reputable law firm, like the Phillips Law Offices can often help you.

Adversary Proceeding Representation

Adversary proceedings are like other lawsuits. Only they involve matters that relate to bankruptcy cases. A trustee or a creditor can file a complaint with the court and then each side will present evidence and argue their own interests. The judge needs to reconcile the claims of the debtor, any listed creditors, and others who were involved in the dispute. Adversary proceedings are explained in Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure Rule 7001.

If your case is challenged by the Trustee you should consult with a Greenbelt bankruptcy attorney experienced with bankruptcy litigation.  Not all lawyers who practice bankruptcy law take these types of cases on, and it does require a higher level of legal skill to handle.

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Bankruptcy protection including

  • Chapter 7 representation
  • Chapter 13 representation
  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Loan workouts services
  • Debt settlement services
  • Filing cramdown and lien strip motions.

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Not only does the Phillips Law Offices help individuals and small business owners in PG County, MD, but we also represent many debtors in Montgomery County with their financial issues and helping clients get a fresh start in their financial life.  Get ready to speak to a bankruptcy lawyer in Maryland today.
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