Factors to Consider When Hiring a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Greenbelt

You probably know by now that you can file for chapter 7 bankruptcy by yourself or using a lawyer. When you choose the latter, you will get many options for lawyers to get these services. However, consider hiring our lawyers at The Phillips Law Office LLC for the best possible outcome from your case. While at it, check on the following factors. More can be found here.


Experience is, of course, the determinant of perfection. When you are hiring an attorney, it is an excellent idea to check on their experience and specialization in handling the specific issue at hand. When it comes to chapter 7 bankruptcy, only hire an attorney who has been working on this type of bankruptcy. Learn more about Importance of Hiring a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney.

Commendable Track Record

It cannot go without saying how valuable it is to hire an attorney who has done a commendable job. Check, confirm, and consider hiring an attorney who has successfully helped other people before in filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.


Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy comes with a fee chargeable at the court. Retaining a lawyer for assistance also comes with the need to pay some fees. Only hire an attorney who charges reasonably because the prices are never fixed in every firm.   

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