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Many debtors act desperate when creditors come in and select any bankruptcy attorney to help them in the filing process. Choosing an inexperienced attorney can be a waste of time and money. If you live in Greenbelt, MD, The Phillips Law Offices LLC is your go-to firm. We have the best bankruptcy attorneys in town because. Information can be found here.

Bankruptcy Expert

Any attorney can handle bankruptcy issues, but it’s successful when helped by an expert. Our Greenbelt bankruptcy attorneys are professionals and have all the knowledge and skills required in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We can comfortably advise you and be assured of having the best outcome. See here for information about Key Factors to Look at When Considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy codes can change and affect filers. Our bankruptcy attorneys are up-to-date with the bankruptcy code for the sake of our clients. This way, we ensure that we make no mistakes when you hire us to help you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Comfortable Relationship

Filing for bankruptcy can be an emotional moment for you; hence you should hire a friendly bankruptcy attorney. We build a healthy relationship with our clients and ensure that they are always comfortable. Throughout the process, we make you feel that you hired the right attorney.

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