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A college education from the University of Maryland in College Park is a wonderful thing, but it usually comes with student loans. Many college students graduate with more than $50,000 in debt and some college graduates even have as much as $100,000 of student loan debt!

Fortunately, the bankruptcy lawyers at The Phillips Law Offices are here to help college graduates struggling with difficult financial situations involving student loans. We handle all types of bankruptcy cases and we can help reduce your payments and get you back on track financially.

If you’ve fallen behind on your student loan payments and are afraid that things will never improve, don’t hesitate to contact our college park bankruptcy attorney at (301) 494-4250 or through our online contact form . We can provide

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College Park Bankruptcy Attorney Helping with Student debt

The city of College Park is located in northern Prince George’s County, Maryland. The population was 30,413 at the 2010 census. College Park was developed beginning in 1889 near the Maryland Agricultural College (now the University of Maryland) and the Washington Branch Railroad.

College Park is home to The University of Maryland. This university ranks among some of the highest public universities, with students coming out of the school with an average student loan balance for Maryland residents is $39,505, which is 8% higher than the national average of $36,689

Chapter 7 Filing

It’s important to hire an experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney if you are considering or have already filed for this type of case in Maryland. A skilled bankruptcy lawyer can help save time and money while ensuring that your filing is correctly handled from start-to-finish, so it won’t take up any more precious hours in court waiting on hold with customer service lines!

Chapter 13 Representation

Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy and stopping a law suit may seem like two different problems, but in reality they are closely related. This is because when you file for either of these options it’s just one step as part of solving more complicated debt issues that affect not only your finances but also life opportunities down the road with improved credit ratings or reduced interest rates on loans
A good idea many people struggle to come up with before filing their case would be whether this will fix everything instead fumbling through decisions while dealing emotionally from Talking With Lawyers

Stopping Foreclosures in College Park

Many homeowners in College Park face foreclosure when they default on mortgages. One way to stop a foreclosure is by filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition and enacting the automatic stay. This will stop the foreclosure even if filed the morning of the sale, and allow the homeowner up to 5 years to pay back their missed payments in equal installments.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of going through a foreclosure process, know that there are some things to consider and many decisions to make before it begins. It may help if we take an overview first!

It’s important for your short-term financial health in addition long term success if you can work out any loans or bankruptcy matters now so these don’t compound into bigger problems later on down road when all would seem more difficult than ever before – but this doesn’t have be hard right?! Let The Phillips Law Offices tell you: We’ve helped countless folks in Maryland just like yourself get their lives back together again after years spent upside down.

Using The Automatic Stay 

In addition to a foreclosure, if you are facing a court date, the bankruptcy code has a secrete weapon called the automatic stay. The automatic stay allows you to take full control of your bankruptcy, which means creditors cannot wage garnishment or seize assets. It also shields against any lawsuits during this time!

Debt Settlement Services

Debt is a fact of life, and it will continue to be an issue for many people. However there are ways you can take control of your financial situation – if not just debt settlement then other methods like refinancing which may result in less than what’s owed on your mortgage or credit card balances. A lawyer could help with this too by explaining options or creating solutions so that best course of action might emerge from all the choices available.

Debt relief attorneys will coordinate the efforts between different creditors so you can get out from under massive interest rates and rid yourself of those high monthly payments. A reputable law firm, like The Phillips Law Offices may be able to help you with this problem in financial difficulty!

Adversary Proceeding & Litigation

When a person files for bankruptcy, they are opening up themselves and their assets to be scrutinized by the court. Adversary proceedings take this one step further by involving matters of financial disputes between parties who have been involved in litigation against each other before now; including creditors with claims on any money or property left behind after someone has gone through chapter 7 liquidation

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