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Debt takes a serious toll on people living in Bowie, MD. Fortunately, you do not have to face debt problems alone. A local bankruptcy lawyer working in Bowie is here to help you through the process and ease your financial burdens.

When the bills start piling up and you find yourself unable to keep up with repayments, call an experienced Bowie lawyer at The Phillips Law Office for assistance today.

With Attorney Jill Phillips and her team by your side, filing for bankruptcy becomes simple and straightforward as you are following sound advice from those familiar with the local Maryland laws and regulations governing such cases.

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Bowie is a town in Prince George’s County that has been around for centuries.  It was named after Bowie Moran Bowie, whose family owned much of the land there in the 18th century. Bowie became part of modern society in 1918 when it got its own post office and railroad station . Bowie, Maryland is located in the Washington Metropolitan Area, about 20 miles northeast of Washington, D.C., allowing Bowie residents to easily commute to work each day if they choose to live in Bowie instead of commuting from their homes in Bowie.

Living near Bowie is awesome because you are never far from great shopping or dining experiences.  The Bowie Town Center Shopping Mall offers an array of shops including Banana Republic , Macy’s , Urban Outlet.

Discharge Debt With A Bowie Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you living in Bowie MD and need to find a good bankruptcy lawyer? If so, then be sure to call the Phillips Law Offices. We are Bowie attorneys that can help anyone who wants to get their life back on track after falling into debt.

Bankruptcy is an option for any resident of Maryland. It allows individuals or families with excessive debt to get out from under it using certain tools like Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Many people think they do not qualify for this type of protection when in fact more than half the population does. The best way to know if it is right for you is by getting advice from a Bowie bankruptcy attorney who has experience with these matters.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Filing

The bright side of credit card debt is that it can be eliminated through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This process will wipe out most forms of your debts, but there are a few exceptions such as mortgages and student loans which must take other routes to repayment if they wish fulfill their obligations. However, most credit card debt, medical bills and personal loans will be wiped out with a Chapter 7 Discharge.

Chapter 13 Filing

You’re not alone in the fight to get your financial life back on track. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help wipe out or reduce credit card debt, through a repayment plan that’s based on you ability pay. You’ll have leverage and control over how much is paid back, based on what you can afford – not just what creditors want!

Using The Automatic Stay

Are credit cards and personal loans giving you a headache? Do  bill collectors harass you about medical bills debt you simply can’t pay? The federal Bankruptcy Code includes an automatic stay that stops debt collection efforts.

The automatic stay is the first process used by a law firm filing for relief under the bankruptcy code to stop debt collectors from mailing, calling and harassing you.

Debt Settlement Services

For people who have been unemployed or injured and are struggling with high credit card bills, debt settlement can be an option. Debt relief attorneys in Beltsville will work on behalf of your creditors to reduce the amount owed by up to 60% while negotiating reduced lump sums payment that fit into a manageable monthly budget for you, generally without any lawsuits from creditors!

Don’t let harassing phone calls keep bothering you at night when there is no need; stop wage garnishing as well since this takes away some earnings each month (and it’s illegal); also discontinue creditor lawsuits which will only cost more money down the line.

Adversary Proceeding & Litigation

The Phillips Law Offices can defend any challenge by your Trustee or Creditors in the Bankruptcy Court and help protect your right as an individual debtor against their attempts at interference with your right to a fresh start, while also ensuring orderly proceedings are followed through all steps necessary until final approval has been granted from courts allowing your discharge of debt to be entered.

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