Benefits of Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are you in debt and bankrupt? Do you need to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy? The Phillips Law Offices LLC is your sole solution. We know stressful it is when creditors are on your neck and need their debts repaid. Our bankruptcy attorneys are experts and help you through the whole process comfortably. Greenbelt, MD can be seen here.

Fast Process

Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy only takes a few months. In these few months, you get to consult, meet with attorneys, credit counseling, and courses on debtor’s education. You also meet with your attorney and trustee and get a discharge note from the court. The fast process relieves you from any stress of filing debts. Click here to read about Discover the Best Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney.

Discharge any Unsecured Debt

After successfully filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you get an automatic stay. Your collectors and creditors stay away from you, and you don’t pay unsecured debts. All the debts that are not accompanied by collateral are wiped out, and creditors no longer harass you.

You are Eligible for Loans Again

There’s no specific period for your recovery process. With time, you become eligible for loans. However, avoiding debts ensures that your credit doesn’t deteriorate. If you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you get on track to get a loan again.

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