Attorney Jill Phillips

Attorney Jill Phillips

Attorney Jill Phillips is a powerhouse in the legal world, specializing in bankruptcy and debt relief. With over two decades of experience, she’s a go-to authority in Maryland, Washington D.C., and even up to New England. Her journey began in Greenbelt and PG County, Maryland, where she laid the foundation of her practice. Today, she’s a beacon of hope for those drowning in debt, offering services that range from Chapter 7 to Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, as well as tackling consumer debt issues. Jill’s expertise isn’t just limited to bankruptcy; she’s a versatile attorney who also handles cases related to car and housing issues outside of bankruptcy. She’s a master of Title 11, the U.S. bankruptcy code, and has a comprehensive understanding of the legal intricacies involved. Jill is not just a paper pusher; she’s a courtroom veteran who knows how to get things done. Her client-centric approach is what sets her apart. She understands that bankruptcy isn’t just a financial problem but an emotional one too. Jill knows the ideal bankruptcy client varies depending on the type of bankruptcy—Chapter 7, 13, or 11. She’s adept at identifying the unique needs of each client and tailoring her services accordingly. Whether it’s someone who’s made financial mistakes in their youth or someone facing a repossessed car, she knows how to navigate the complexities of each case. Jill’s practice isn’t just about helping her clients; it’s about educating them. She believes in guiding her clients through the emotional stages of dealing with debt, from denial and fear to acceptance. She’s not just about wiping the slate clean; she’s about providing her clients with the tools they need to build a better financial future. Collaboration is another cornerstone of Jill’s practice. She often works with other attorneys to ensure that her clients get the best possible service. Whether it’s a debt situation that falls outside another attorney’s practice area or a more complex case that requires a multi-disciplinary approach, Jill knows how to play well with others. She’s particularly adept at working with divorce and personal injury attorneys, understanding the unique challenges and opportunities these types of cases present.

Attorney Phillips Represents Clients in many debt relief situations:

Avoiding Tax Liens
Tax debt can be a nightmare, but Jill knows the ins and outs of avoiding tax liens. She’ll guide you through the legal maze, ensuring you don’t lose your assets to the IRS.

Stripping Second Mortgages and Equity Loans
Stuck with a second mortgage or an equity loan? Jill has extensive experience in stripping these off in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. This means you could potentially treat these loans as unsecured debt, making it easier to discharge.

Stopping Foreclosures with Chapter 13
Facing a foreclosure is stressful. Jill specializes in filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases that utilize the Automatic Stay, pursuant to 11 USC 362(a), to halt foreclosure proceedings. This gives you breathing room to catch up on mortgage payments and keep your home.

The Power of the Automatic Stay
One of the most powerful tools in any bankruptcy filing is the Automatic Stay. It’s a legal provision that stops most collection actions against you the moment you file for bankruptcy. Jill leverages this to give you immediate relief from creditor harassment, wage garnishments, and pending lawsuits.

How other attorneys work with Jill

For divorce cases, Jill often steps in to resolve contentious debt issues that can be a sticking point in divorce proceedings. She’s even seen how resolving these issues can sometimes save a marriage. When that’s not possible, she works to ensure that both parties can move forward, free from the burden of joint debt. Her expertise extends to dealing with alimony and child support issues, often providing a much-needed lifeline for clients who are struggling.

In personal injury cases, Jill understands the financial strain that comes with being unable to work. She works closely with personal injury attorneys to ensure that clients can focus on their recovery without the added stress of financial ruin. She’s an advocate for rational decision-making, often stepping in to provide a third-party perspective on settlement offers.

Jill is more than just an attorney; she’s a problem solver, a counselor, and an educator. She’s the person you want in your corner when you’re facing what might be the most challenging period of your life. With Jill Phillips, you’re not just getting legal advice; you’re getting a roadmap to a better, more secure future.

Ready to tackle your debt? Jill Phillips is the bankruptcy attorney in Maryland who can make it happen, for more information contact Attorney Phillips today.

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