What should I bring with me when I meet with a Greenbelt bankruptcy attorney

Attorney Jill Phillips, a Greenbelt bankruptcy lawyer

Every state and each jurisdiction inside each state has its unique requirements to file for bankruptcy. Even more, each jurisdiction’s Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Trustees have specific document requirements they will need to administer a consumer bankruptcy case. This is why when filing in PG County, and meeting with a Greenbelt bankruptcy lawyer, there are certain things you want to bring with you for your first legal consultation. Moreover, a Greenbelt bankruptcy lawyer will want to review certain information and documentation to discuss your financial situation and determine if you are going to need to file for bankruptcy protection.

Initial Bankruptcy Consultation

During a Greenbelt bankruptcy lawyer’s initial intake meeting, a prospective client will need to provide several documents. The following is a list of items a Greenbelt bankruptcy attorney will want a client to bring with them when they meet for an initial consultation.

  1. A photocopy of your driver’s license or other Maryland identification card that shows the address you currently reside at (bring two copies)
  2. A copy of your most recent income tax return
  3. A copy of your paycheck stubs for the past six months
  4. The names and addresses of all creditors who could potentially owe any money
  5. A list of any active lawsuits against you for collections
  6. A copy of any financial documents pertaining to all income sources, paychecks, stocks, bonds, 401(k)s, pensions, retirement accounts – basically any investment a person has a current interest in that could be either protected or liquidated.
  7. A list of all your monthly bills and a breakdown of what you pay each creditor on a monthly basis for each bill
  8. The names and addresses of anyone who owes you money
  9. A photocopy of a recent statement from a savings account – a Greenbelt bankruptcy lawyer will want to make sure there isn’t any hidden money a person is withholding

Based on all of these documents and several questions about your financial outlook, a Greenbelt bankruptcy lawyer will be able to advise a person if a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 case is a more suitable route to take.

In addition, a prospective client should expect a Greenbelt bankruptcy attorney to ask a few questions about your financial situation. In fact, a Greenbelt bankruptcy lawyer may ask a person to fill out a questionnaire so they have an exact record of everything a client has told them during the initial consultation, which could come in handy for court proceedings at a later date.

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